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    Casa Giselle ( Giselle.com main page )
        Site Features
            A Mirror on America ( Barack Obama Blog )
            the G-spot! ( Index )
            Giselle's Electric Library ( Index )
        Gallery ( Photo & Sound File Archive )
        Our Story - a film by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand
            Streaming Video - "Our Story" preview
        Dancing With the Stars
        Giselle's fitness and diet advice
        Noche de Ninos Photo Album
        Giselle's Wedding Pictures
        Streaming Video - Career Montage
        Picture of the Week
        Advice to aspiring journalists
        Broadcast Career Resume
        Current Events
        Network News Appearances
            1995 Index
            1994 Index
            1993 Index
            1992 Index
            1991 Index
        Broadcast Journalism Career Links
        Search Tools
        Writers' Resources
        Industry & Related Links

        the G-spot! ( Giselle's Writings, Interviews and favorite books )
            Writings and Speeches
                An Open Letter to her fans about being on "Dancing with the Stars" - 1/25/06
                Five Jewels for a Healthy, Fit Body: advice on fitness and diet - 1/15/06
                California's Future Depends on its Latino Teachers - Los Angeles, CA 2/23/05
                Latinos - the Net and Globalization - Washington, DC 9/29/00
                Hispanics Ready for the Millennium - Chicago 7/1/99
            Web Interviews
            Skinny Hippo News
            Favorite Books
                Oriana Fallaci biography
            Favorite Photos
            Favorite Documentaries
            Reading Rooms
            Latin Culture on the Web

        Giselle's Electric Library ( Text Archive )
            Newspaper Articles
                TV with Tom Jicha - Florida Sun-Sentinel 11/04/97
                Celebrity Workout - LA Times 05/07/97
                Gulf War sparks a newswoman's love for Judaism 1995
            Magazine Articles
                Giselle has a new Attitude - Latina Magazine Nov 1997
                Accessing Hollywood - Back to Health Magazine Fall 1998
                Notes from the White Tower - Latin Style Magazine June 1998
                People en Español - February 1999
                People en Español - February 1999 (Español)
                Catalina Magazine - Spring 2003
                Hispanic Magazine 2005 Achievement Award - August 2005
            Transcripts & Chat Logs
                Politically Incorrect - Transcript 04/01/02
                Politically Incorrect - Transcript 12/13/01
                Politically Incorrect - Transcript 10/25/01
                Politically Incorrect - Transcript 9/19/00
                Politically Incorrect - Transcript 2/26/98
                AOL/Hispanic Magazine - Chat Log 9/23/96
                Yahoo/NBC - Chat Log 11/4/97
                Contemporary American Success Stories - 1995
                Biographical Profile - Current
                Biography - Access Hollywood 1997-98
                Biography - Access Hollywood - 1997-98 (Español)
                Biography - Cafe Olé 1997-98
                Biography - Cafe Olé 1997-98 (Español)
                Biography - Access Hollywood 1996-97
                Biography - NBC 1995

SoyMujer.com TM

    Giselle Fernandez's Soy Mujer ( Latina empowerment site - pending )

DaringDames.com TM

    Giselle Fernandez's Daring Dames ( Future Web Site's main page )

LAStories.com / LosAngelesStories.com TM

    Los Angeles Stories ( LAStories.com main page )
        Los Angeles Links
        Los Angeles area Cities
        Dusty's Dream - A true story of courage
            Streaming Video - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
            Streaming Video - "Our Story" Documentary Preview
        Streaming Video - Learning to Fly

theSkinnyHippo.com TM

    Skinny Hippo Productions ( Future Web Site's main page )

FlatBellyDeli.com TM

    Giselle Fernandez's Flat Belly Deli ( Flat Belly Deli main page )
        Flat Belly Deli Recipes Index
        Giselle's advice on fitness and diet

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