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I so want to make a difference in the world                                        
                    by appreciating and respecting the humanity within us all.
                                                            Giselle Fernandez

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    Giselle competed with Jonathan Roberts on ABC's second season of Dancing With the Stars.

    Giselle most recently co-anchored the "KTLA Morning News" in Los Angeles from November 2001 until August 2003. She then completed her first documentary film in March 2004. Our Story is the gripping story of two young boys brought together by fate.

[Writings & Speeches...]

Giselle Writings & Speeches...

An Open Letter to my Fans - January 25 2006

In an open letter to her fans, Giselle reveals her philosophy on winning and losing in relation to her experience on "Dancing With the Stars."

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who took the time to write me after my departure from "Dancing with the Stars!" You touched my heart with your comments and I want to share my sincere thoughts with you about the experience that I think will give you a personal perspective about my concept of winning and losing.

Five Jewels for a Healthy, Fit Body - January 2006

In response to the interest generated by Giselle's appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" she reveals her secrets to staying fit and healthy.

When I am asked for advice on staying fit, I keep it really simple and really plain. There are no fancy or weird diets, no crazy fasting, certainly no diet pills and zero attention to the "ideal" weight as dictated by some universal weight chart! To stay fit for me, there are simply five jewels to live by...

California's Future Depends on its Latino Teachers - Speech - February 23, 2005

Giselle delivers the keynote address for the Californa Association for Bilingual Education in Los Angeles.

People live a lifetime searching for ways to make a difference. You as educators are all blessed knowing how you can do it, and in such a powerful way that can determine the future. I hope and pray you win - that California wins - that our children win.

Dusty's Dream - Story - July 2003

Giselle tells the true story of a young boy named Dustin Meraz and how his heroic battle with cancer changed the lives of everyone around him.

It's funny how life is what happens to you after you make your plans. It's a saying I have heard throughout my life from my mother. You're heading one way and all of a sudden a series of events aligns like a perfect storm and you get this strong inner feeling, "this is no coincidence; something greater than myself is at work here."

Latinos - the Net and Globalization - Speech - September 29, 2000

Giselle's speech delivered at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation's Business Forum on the Role of Hispanics in Globalization in Washington, DC.

"It's the Latina who I am focusing on because of her amazing entrepreneurial energy, self reliance and tenacity to, despite all odds against her, take action to secure her own destiny."

Hispanics Ready for the Millennium - Speech - July 1, 1999

Giselle's inspiring speech delivered at the Social Security Administration's National Conference in Chicago.

"Each of us has a special gift, a mission, a calling. It's in you. You may choose not to recognize it ... even to ignore or oppress it. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that each and every one of us was put on this earth to do something wonderful and unique to us."


Exclusive interviews for the Web...

            Coming soon... Giselle's interviews exclusively for the Web.

            Video Montage of Giselle's past work (2 min 38 sec)

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[Skinny Hippo...]

Skinny Hippo projects...

            Skinny Hippo & F Squared Productions are Giselle's production companies. A few documentary projects are in the works. Her first documentary film, Our Story was completed in 2004.


Giselle's favorite Biographies & Novels...

"A Man" by Oriana Fallaci - Novel - Simon and Schuster, 1979

The dramatic love story of Oriana and her man, Alexander Panagoulis. A tortured lone fighter for freedom and truth in the Greek political resistance of the 1970's. A masterful portrait of a hero.

"Journalism is an extraordinary and terrible privilege..." Learn more about Oriana Fallaci, the most brilliant political interviewer of her time.

"A Story Like the Wind" by Laurens Van Der Post - Novel - Harcourt Brace, 1998

A beautifully written story about the magical bush people and continent of Africa.

"Bordering on Chaos: Mexico's Roller-Coaster Journey to Prosperity"
            by Andres Oppenheimer - Non-Fiction - Little Brown & Co. 1998

Miami Herald reporter, Andres Oppenheimer, investigates the modern decline of Mexico into turmoil.

"Desert Queen" by Janet Wallach - Biography - Doubleday, 1996

The extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell. Known as the most powerful woman in the British Empire, she was the brains behind T.E. Lawrence's military force. The story of a true female adventurer, largely responsible for the modern political map of the Middle East.

"The Discovery of King Arthur" By Geoffrey Ashe - Henry Holtz, 1987

Was there a King Arthur? Noted British historian Geoffrey Ashe reconstructs fifth century history and presents compelling parallels between British king Riothamus and the legend of King Arthur.

"The Feast of Roses" by Indu Sundaresan - Novel - Washington Square Press, 2004

The continuation of Indu's "The Twentieth Wife." The brilliantly told love story of Mughal India's Mehrunnisa and Emperor Jahangir.

"Feather Fall" by Laurens Van Der Post - Novel - Morrow & Co., 1994

An anthology of personal experiences and adventures in Africa, Japan and Russia by one of Africa's best known authors.

"The Fifth Mountain" by Paulo Coelho - Novel - Harper Collins, 1999

A fascinating novel based on the Biblical Prophet, Elijah, demonstrating that belief and faith in God can conquer everything.

"Great Souls: Six Who Changed the Century" by David Aikman - Non-fiction - Out of Print

Learn from the live journeys of Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, Pope John Paul II, Elie Wiesel and Nelson Mandella.

"I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb - Novel - Regan Books, 1999

Travel along with Dominick Birdsey across three generations as he searches for and finds meaning in the tragic events of his life. An modern day epic tale illustrating the Circle of Life.

"Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World"
            By Jack Weatherford - Fawcett Books, 1990

Anthropologist Jack Weatherford explores the crucial and fascinating contributions made to our modern culture by the first Americans ... the Indians of the Americas.

"The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini - Novel - Riverhead Hardcover, 2003

An intimate account of family, friendship, betrayal and salvation set against the political backdrop of modern Afghanistan.

"The Law of Love" by Laura Esquivel - Novel - Crown Publishing, 1997

A multi-media novel about a 23rd century "astroanalist" attempting to locate her twin-soul.

"Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela - Autobiography - Little Brown, 1994

From tribal chief and 27 years of imprisonment to elected President of South Africa. The inspiring story of a great moral leader, who with dignity and courage brought about the peaceful end to apartheid.

"Lost Horizon" by James Hilton - Novel - William Morrow & Co., 1933

The classic tale of Shangri-La ... the utopian place high in the mountains of Tibet where four kidnapped Westerners are taken and learn to find love, inner peace and a sense of purpose.

"The New American Spirituality: A Seeker's Guide"
            by Elizabeth Lesser - Non-fiction - Random House, 1999

An assessment of the current state of spirituality in the United States.

"The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver - Novel - Harper Flamingo, 1999

An American family relocates to remote Africa in 1959 to do mission work.

"Princess" by Jean Pl Sasson - Novel - Windsor-Brooke, 2001

A true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia.

"Road Fever: A High-Speed Travelogue" By Tim Cahill - Vintage Books, 1992

Imagine driving from the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego to Purdhoe Bay, Alaska ... 15,000 miles and 23-1/2 days in a GMC pick-up truck! That's the humorous and exciting tale of adventure told by Tim Cahill of his road trip with long-distance driver Gary Sowersby.

"The Secret War Against the Jews" By John Loftus - St. Martins Press, 1994

Through the examination of thousands of declassified secret documents and interviews with former spies, Loftus and Aarons present controversial yet compelling evidence that Israel has been betrayed by its "allies" over the lust for Arab oil and power in the Middle East.

"The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - Novel - Penguin Press, 2004

A beautifully written gothic novel set in post WWII Barcelona.

"The Tattooed Soldier" by Hector Tobar - Novel - Delphinium Books, 1998

LA Times reporter Tobar's first novel. A story of retribution between two exiled Guatemalan adversaries, played out on the mean streets of LA during the 1992 riots. Provides striking insight into the victims of death-squads and the plight of the homeless.

"The Twentieth Wife" by Indu Sundaresan - Novel - Washington Square Press, 2003

An enchanting historical novel about Mughal India's legendary Empress Nur Jahan.

"Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis and the Opening of the American West"
            By Stephen E. Ambrose - Simon & Schuster, 1996

The biographer of Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon retraced the route to the Pacific forged by explorers Lewis and Clark and tells the story of Meriwether Lewis on the greatest wilderness adventure of the American West.

"West with the Night" by Beryl Markham - Autobiography - North Point Press, 1942

From her enchanting shoeless childhood in East Africa's Rongai Valley to her daring historic flight. The beautifully told story of the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo from East to West.

Soul Food for Life's Journey...

James Hillman - Author of "The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling"

The former director of the Jung Institute delves into human development. Warner Books - October 1997

Dr. Jean Houston - Author of "The Possible Human", "Life Force"

and more than a dozen other books. She inspires the finest possible achievement of individual potential. Renowned for understanding the application of latent human capacity, Dr. Houston has consulted major corporations, heads of state, and the United Nations.

Elizabeth Lesser - Author of "The New American Spirituality: A Seeker's Guide"

An assessment of the current state of spirituality in the United States. Random House - June 1999

Dan Millman - Author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", "No Ordinary Moments"

among others. Learn the patience and wisdom of the "Peaceful Warrior". A true life story guide to a more meaningful and successful life. Learn to turn intentions into action, challenges into strength, and life's experience into wisdom.

Thomas Moore - Author of "The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love"

Theologian, therapist and former Catholic monk Thomas Moore, takes the reader on a journey of discovery to explore the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Learn to enhance your soul through an understanding of sexuality and its implications in everyday life.

William Strauss - Author of "The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy"

Will America survive the early decades of the new millennium? Author of "Generations" and "13th Generation", William Strauss and contributor Neil Howe interpret our cyclical history and offer suggestions on how we might prepare ourselves to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

Lucinda Vardey - Author of "God in All Worlds: An Anthology of Contemporary Spiritual Writing"

An anthology of spiritual writings and the evolution of modern spirituality. Vintage Books - October 1996

Neale Donald Walsch - Author of "Conversations with God:

An Uncommon Dialogue Books 1, 2 & 3".   Explore the meaning of life. For those with an open mind, these "conversations" will reveal joyous insight into one's self, purpose in life, and spiritual truth. Book 3 addresses the universal truths that apply to all levels of existence. In addition to a re-cap, the third in this enlightened trilogy explores the most imponderable questions and teaches that it's up to us to understand the universe.

Dr. Andrew Weil - Author of "Spontaneous Healing:

How to Discover & Enhance your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain & Heal Itself"   Harvard-trained physician Dr. Andrew Weil, by recounting stories of miraculous recovery, explains a positive, holistic, medical philosophy. Learn how to harness your brain's healing ability and live healthy.

Gary Zukav - Author of "Seat of the Soul"

Award winning author and physicist Gary Zukav, explores the Western model of the soul. Learn to align your personality with your soul in order to grow spiritually and become a better person.

Inspiring books for women at Daring  


Doggies and more, Giselle's favorite photos...

My girl, Nellie Hiking in the canyon with Nellie, Prester & Bailey

Reading with Nellie and Skye At home with my doggies

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Giselle's favorite Documentaries...


"Roger and Me" Join off-beat film maker Michael Moore in his quest to meet General Motors chairman, Roger Smith, to ask why the world's largest corporation is turning its back on its hometown of Flint, Michigan.  -  Warner Bros. / Dog Eat Dog Films - 1989

"Hoop Dreams" An urban American story of hopes and dreams. Follow two Chicago boys and their families as they strive to stay focused on their dream of joining the NBA.  -  Kartemquin Films - 1994

"The Panama Deception" A powerful and provocative expose of the U.S. invasion of Panama. Through eyewitness accounts and never-before-seen footage, this film contradicts the Pentagon's official reports and exposes how the media was both manipulated and made an accomplice in the deception of the American public.  -  Produced by Barbara Trent, Joanne Doroshow, Nico Panigutti and David Kasper - 1992

"Marlene" An absorbing study of actress Marlene Dietrich, one of the 20th Century's most controversial pop-icons. Refusing to be photographed in her retirement, Marlene is interviewed off-camera about her life, loves and films.  -  A film by Maximillian Schell - Oko Filmproduktion - 1984

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