Giselle Fernandez
  As one of television's most seasoned young journalists, Giselle Fernandez co-hosts ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, the daily half-hour entertainment news program from Twentieth Television and NBC. Known for her coverage of international news stories and major events, Fernandez gives ACCESS HOLLYWOOD a unique advantage in that she has brought with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of television news. Since joining ACCESS HOLLYWOOD two years ago, Fernandez has done many in-depth interviews with Hollywood's biggest stars, including Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Barbra Streisand.

Since making the switch from hard news to the glamorous world of Hollywood, Fernandez says, "this to me is a whole new beat to cover and it has been a lot of fun. I do it for the adventure, the interest I have in the arts, my interest in movies and the world of celebrity." Though many entertainment news shows cover much of the same material, Fernandez says, "It's just the way in which we cover them. We do it in a very in-depth way, with a lot of attitude, style and presence, giving ACCESS HOLLYWOOD more pizzazz."

Fernandez joined ACCESS HOLLYWOOD from her position as an anchor of NBC's weekend edition of the "Today Show". She also anchored the Sunday edition of "NBC Nightly News" and handled special and foreign assignments for the NBC Network. Prior to that, Fernandez served at CBS News substituting for Paula Zahn on "CBS This Morning", Dan Rather on the "CBS Evening News" and Connie Chung on the "CBS Weekend News". Additionally, Fernandez was a regular contributor to CBS "Sunday Morning", "Face The Nation", and "48 Hours". Her coverage of international news and reports with global leaders have garnered this news veteran five Emmy Awards.

Fernandez, who was born in Mexico and raised in Southern California, is the daughter of a Jewish mother and renowned Mexican flamenco dancer father. Her ethnic heritage inspired her to refer to herself as the original "Kosher Burrito". As a young child touring Mexico with her mother who was researching a doctoral thesis on Mexican folklore, Fernandez developed her passion for journalism. This experience of exploring Mexican pueblos and gathering mystical stories ignited a passion in Fernandez to pursue a career rich with knowledge and filled with excitement.

Majoring in journalism at Sacramento State University in Northern California, Fernandez landed her first on-air job in Pueblo, Colorado following graduation. Through the years, she has held various on-air positions across the country, each providing her with more experience and a move up the broadcasting ladder.

Away from the set, Fernandez is constantly busy covering one of her other passions. She actively lectures on the subject of health, fitness, spas, alternative approaches to medicine and healing. She is guest editor to both Shape magazine and writes feature stories on the latest in the world of health and fitness. Fernandez is also developing her own production company where she will produce documentaries on Latin subjects, as well as health issues "where the lines between science and spirit are drawn", says Fernandez.

Fernandez, who stays in shape by hiking and running, lives in Los Angeles.

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