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    One day Giselle would like to open the Flat Belly Deli, serving only healthy and natural foods. Her weakness always has been french fries, so now she seasons and bakes potato strips, swearing they taste the same and, perhaps, even better. Plus, she claims they're healthy. Fernandez wants to share her favorite recipes and research through the Flat Belly Deli, complete with calorie and fat counts for every item on the menu.

    "I used to sit there and think, 'Why does everything that tastes good have to be bad for you? Why can't I love butter?' I love spaghetti and meat sauce, and I love doughnuts and candy and chocolate and buttered popcorn -- all those things that are sinful. As I've gotten more wise and savvy about being healthy, I've realized that you don't have to give up any of these things. If you're just a little smart and a little creative, you can have all the things you really love. You just have to learn to prepare them in a really healthy way."

    Read Giselle's Five Jewels to Live By - fitness and diet advice.
    Check out some of Giselle's favorite healthy and delicious recipes.

Excerpted from Back to Health by Jason Cook


Gigi's Flat Belly Deli Recipes
Giselle's fitness and diet advice Five Jewels to Live By

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